PThere are 31 Union Councils in Upper Dir district therefore we are searching to fill one partner position in each union council. To be a partner of Upperdir website community is a free service, which means that it cost nothing to become an official partner.  If anyone decide to become a partner of our website that person can choose to cancel his contract at any time, therefore Upper Dir partnerships are not binding for any certain period of time. There are many benefits of a partnership; however one of the biggest is that they earn 50{f24eafc28739c2af0a3d991763363a1c01cd66a3e49805bcd2c3a59a6587bce0} of their union council revenue. The source of those revenues will be from publishing news, advertisements, videos, websites, articles and many more.  Partners of Upperdir will have their own usernames and passwords to be able to login on the website and publish any content with respect of our community guidelines. This can be done from anywhere and at any time, which means that to become a partner of Upper Dir there is no certain working hours or location restrictions. Our partners choose from when and where they want to work, which leads to that their earning depends on how productive and efficient they are. In other words, the more a partner works the more he will earn. The partnership does not require any technical skills, this mean that Upperdir will train our partners after agreement of collaboration.  During interviews we will more emphasize on a partner’s personality, positivity, confidence, communication skills and character. So join our network today by fill the partnership form below:

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